How it works

1. Subscribe

All you have to do is click the subscribe button and select the market to track investment properties.

2. Receive updated listings

We will send you updated lists of all the properties in the market. Find out immediately the returns of each deal and save time.

3. Find your next investment!

No more manual work, spreadsheets or calculators to find cash-flowing properties. We do all that for you!

Use Analytics to Find Cash-Flowing Deals!

What is the benefit of using Active Listings?

Finding great Rental Investment opportunities is very time consuming. You need to calculate metrics such as Net Operating Income, Cap Rate, Cash Flow, Cash on Cash Return and many others. This is often done on custom spreadsheets or calculators and manually executed property by property.

ActiveListings automatically calculates all those metrics for all the listings of your market of choice. Then you can filter, sort and compare properties to strategically find great investment opportunities.

Beat the Housing Market

Get Ahead of the Housing Market using Real Estate Data at Scale. Analyze automatically hundreds of data points and get the right metrics that are fundamental to invest in good deals.

Maximize your ROI investing in great deals

Finding good deals is like finding a needle in a haystack. I make that process simpler!

Subscription - $100/month

Perfect for those tracking a specific market and need to quickly analyze 100s of deals. New investment deals every week in your mailbox!
✅ Get weekly lists of properties on sale
✅ Select up to 5 locations to track
      (up to 1,000 deals/week)
✅ Estimates of property values and rentals
✅ ROI investment metrics
✅ Monthly Expense estimation
✅ Filter, Sort and Compare properties
✅ Data Export as CSV
✅ Customize parameters to calculate ROI